60x40 cm



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Chromaluxe Aluminium Print, White Base, Matt Finish
Floating Hanger
Limited Edition 1 of 10


The high key aesthetics of the images work harmoniously to unveil the vibrant spectrum of colours inherent in the wisteria flowers. This intentional use of high key illumination not only accentuates the delicate features of the blossoms but also elevates their hues to a level of wonder and brilliance. The soft, luminous backdrop serves as a canvas, allowing the vivid colours of the wisteria to take centre stage and unfold in a captivating display.

In this high key rendition, the subtleties and gradations of the wisteria's colours are brought to the forefront, creating a visual symphony of blooms against a radiant backdrop. The ethereal quality of the high key technique imparts a dreamlike atmosphere, intensifying the enchantment that naturally surrounds these floral wonders.

The images, bathed in high key illumination, become more than mere representations; they are immersive experiences, inviting the viewer to revel in the wonder of the wisteria's colours as they dance in the soft, diffused light. It's a celebration of nature's palette, where each delicate petal and vibrant hue is given its moment to shine in the spotlight of artistic illumination.

Wisteria- Alternate sizes Available

$350.00 – $3,500.00

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