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Jetty And Chain

Jetty And Chain


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75x55 cm
Chromaluxe Aluminium, White Base, Gloss Finish
Floating Hanger
Limited Edition: 1 of 5

Location: Catherine Hill Bay

Transported back to a bygone era, this colossal coal loader, now standing as a proud relic on the edge of the ocean, has metamorphosed into a favored spot for photographers seeking to capture its historic charm. During the early hours of this morning, as I embarked on an exploration of the beach encompassing the jetty's foundation, a captivating sight unfolded before me. There, gracefully cascading into the water, were the anchor chains, suspended in a timeless dance that seemed to echo the maritime tales of yesteryears.

Chain and Jetty- Alternate sizes available

$350.00 – $3,500.00

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